Find a twin class.
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Online shared platform for social learning with a twin class

Matching schools abroad or domestically

Student-optimized and teacher-friendly

Students interact with students, not with screens

No barriers even if it’s time difference or language

Ready-made activities in Library and Marketplace

How it works

  1. Teachers fill their class profile and a desired partner-class criteria
  2. Teachers choose a twin class globally or locally, matching their criteria
  3. Teachers select joint ready-made activities or create their own
  4. Students connect and interact

Discover the power of taking education glocal

What can you do together?

Choose any activity or create your own!

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Find a twin class

Great for teachers, students, parents


All your twin activities and materials in one place

Hassle-free and extra-safe student registration

Built-in library of joint activities

Engage parents and school community

Prestige of working with national or international programs


Have a global dialogue with peers on relevant topics

Train foreign language skills

Acquire teamwork skills vital to global careers

Participate at academic excellence projects


Encourage learning, stay on top of things

Upgrade your kid’s CV toward university enrollment

Boost your child’s interpersonal skills

Create lifelong friendships with twin families worldwide